Couples Therapy

"Nothing is more important in our lives than our relationships. A great relationship boosts your immune system, opens your heart and keeps you vital and creative." – Terry Real

Couples Therapy


If you are longing to rebuild your relationship, there is help. With expert guidance, you can clarify where you are today, build a relational toolkit, a clear set of interpersonal skills that work much better than what you learned from your family and your external culture, and build a caring, supportive partnership. With these relational skills you will be able to:

These skills work whether you are young or old, monogamous or polyamorous, gay or straight, non-binary, or single. They work whether your partner is using the same skills or not. Most importantly, these skills create change. In most stuck or distressed relationships the partners just stop dealing with each other. Issues don’t get confronted, negative feelings are denied, and disconnects are created. Over time, avoided disconnects lead to an increased sense of distance and the partnership can feel transactional and empty.

By building your relational tool kit you will repair disconnects, create connection, and open up opportunities to be authentically you in a relationship that is alive, fun and fulfilling.
Come transform your consciousness! I know you can do it! These are the same skills and tools that I use to stay connected with my husband (of 23 years), our two daughters, and in the relationships in my life, and the same skills that I have supported hundreds of couples in acquiring.


"Until we started couples therapy we had no idea how poor our communication was and how we both contributed to our problems and misery. We literally did not know we lacked skills to be in a good relationship. Now we feel close and like we are a team, not just two individuals."
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Sarah P.